Solving the world's biggest challenge

According to the U.N, the population will reach 9.7 billions by 2050. Food production output will need to increase by 70%


Scarcity of Land

Land is scarce and expanding the area devoted to farming is rarely a viable or sustainable option.


Over fished Oceans

Oceans are overfished. Climate change and related water shortages could have profound implications for food production.

We need to find new ways of growing food. To meet the food and nutrition challenges of today – there are nearly 1 billion chronically hungry people worldwide – and tomorrow, what we eat and how we produce it needs to be re-evaluated.
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Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security

How Much Less Resources it requires

Edible insect farming is a remarkable alternative to conventional livestock farming for future food. Indeed, it needs just a fraction of the resources usually required. production. Grevio Inc is set to be the largest producer of crickets in the world.


Grevio's Products

Cricket Powder
  • Complete protein, contains all nine essential amino acids

  • Rich In Minerals; zinc, copper, iodine, and manganese

  • Suppress hunger, fabulous diet supplement

  • Mitigate & contain most celiac disease symtoms

  • BIO-STIMULANT: Tricks the plant to believe it is under attack by predators, resulting in higher yields & increased immunity against insect infestations.

  • 100% ORGANIC FERTILIZER: Made entirely from the droppings of crickets with no fillers added.

Our Team

Alexandre Laverdure
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Keven Laverdure
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100% Sustainable farm

We recuperate heat from bitcoin mining computers & the electricity come from a renewable source, hydro-power. The insect manure is sold to local farmer as fertilizer. NOTHING goes to waste at out farm.