Why Insects?


  • Edible insect farming, like crickets, is a remarkable alternative to conventional livestock farming. It needs just a fraction of the resources traditionally required.

  • The only "waste" it produces, called frass (insect manure) is in fact one of the best  100% organic, natural fertiliser in the world!

  • Our farm is Hydro-powered and thus using 100% renewable energy


  • Cricket powder is 70% Protein by weigh, twice as much protein compared to beef, pound for pound. Also, it has all essential amino acids, high in calcium, iron, omega 3 and vitamin B12.

  • An excellent source of dietary fibre. The chitin and oligonucleotides have shown to have potentially great pro-biotic value.

  • Pound for pound there isn't many things that can compete against it . Extremely long shelf-life since it is dehydrated powder, could be a solution during natural catastrophic events.


  • Capitalism has forced farmers into inhuman & unethical farming methods... Animal cruelty is rampant and problematic. Food quality keeps decreasing over the years.

  • On the contrary, our crickets are living in the utmost natural living conditions. They like warm & humid temperature with lots of space to hide. They are strictly fed high-quality organic food.

  • We are a family business, with brothers and their father working at Grevio's. We take a pride to pay our workers a living wage and it's at our core values.