The Farm

The Farm

In January 2019 we decided to give an old, abandoned dairy farm a second life The project wast to transform it into a state-of the art cricket farm.

This was a big challenge considering the farm is 14 000pi2 (1400 square meters). It took roughly six month working night and days in order to provide the very best living conditions for our insects.

Located in Canada, the cold winter obligated us to engineer a smart way to keep our heat inside the building. Crickets needs to be at 90f (32.2c) and during the winter it can drop to -31f (-35c).


Bitcoin Mining

In order to be able to compete with other farms located in warmer region, we needed an advantage.

This is where Bitcoin Mining comes into play. Our supercomputer are producing an enormous amount of heat. 

Instead of dumping the energy out of our farm, we harness it. In fact, 100% of our heating system is from those Bitcoin ASIC machines.

This way, older machines can have a second life since we can heat with them. 

An expense turned into a profit!

Clean energy

What is powering these Bitcoin machine is 99% clean, renewable energy, hydro-electricy!


Fortunately for us, we're located in Quebec and all of the power comes from a state-owned business that is named Hydro-Quebec.

Québec hydropower produces very low greenhouse gas emissions and no toxic waste.

In 2015, the electricity produced in Québec accounted for 32% of Canada’s total power generated from all sources but was responsible for only 1% of GHG emissions linked to electric utilities.