FULL OF NUTRIENTS: high in protein along with all the essential minerals and amino acids. Additionally, cricket flour is full of Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and Omega 3. This flour contains 68% complete protein, which is three times more than that of beef.

ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE: Not only a superfood, but it also eco-friendly. It is efficient as it requires fewer resources as compared to conventional sources of proteins. In comparison with animals protein, it requires ~300 x less water, produces 100 x fewer greenhouse gases, 12x less lands & 4x less feed intake. Even the cricket manure is sold as an organic fertilizer (see GrowFrasst)!

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Our farm is proud to use the best machines and techniques in order to ensure a standardized high quality product. Our insects are fed a complete, clean diet.

LOCALLY PRODUCED: Comes directly from our zero-waste insect farm in Qc, Canada.

EASY TO USE: Cricket Powder has a wide range of applications, and it is easy to use.

Add 1tbsp. to shakes & smoothies to boost protein levels. For baking, just mix 3 parts (75%) regular flour with 1 part (25%) cricket powder.


4 oz (113 g) | Cricket Flour | 100% Produced in Québec

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  • 100% Ground Crickets Powder

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