• COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Packed with a high amount of calcium and 68% protein value that is good for bearded dragons, frogs, reptiles, fish, and other insectivores.
  • HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE: Keeping and maintaining live feed is a hassle. The next best choice for pet owners is dehydrated crickets that are healthy and full of nutrients for pets.
  • IDEAL FOR PICKY EATERS: Dehydrated crickets are ideal if your pet doesn't eat live food or commercial products. These crickets are easy to feed and come with no additives.
  • AFFORDABLE PET FOOD: Keeping live crickets & worms at home is not easy, and can be expensive. Dehydrated crickets are affordable and come with a long shelf life.
  • 100% CANADIAN: We made a choice to find the best place in Canada to raise healthy crickets. We are proud to say, Grevio owns Canada’s safest and cleanest farms. 100% approved and tested!



Grevio’s Dehydrated Crickets are a high protein diet for birds, reptiles, frogs, fish, and other insectivores. In the wild, they eat bugs to fulfill the nutrient requirement, but in cities, only a few people understand the diet of small pets. If not properly fed, they often get angry and their movements get slower. Feeding Crickets makes them healthy and active, omnivorous lizards such as skinks, bearded dragons, and iguanas will happily eat crickets. Some carnivores such as chameleons, many species of agama, geckos, and monitors also enjoy eating them daily. Crickets are a recommended diet for amphibians such as salamanders, toads, frogs, and small insectivores. They will gladly eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Believe it or not, if you have a tarantula or scorpion at home, you can feed them crickets. Experts often suggest a formula of calcium, vitamin D3, and Vitamin A for your pet. Sometimes, even after feeding gut-loaded crickets, you won't find your pet enjoying the food. A possible reason may be the crickets weren't raised properly and doesn't contain enough nutrients. The best way to keep your pet healthy is by getting high-quality crickets raised in a safe environment. Our crickets are raised on an canadien owned farm. They are fed a high-quality diet, a mix of grains, proteins, and vegetables. Grevio’s hydrated crickets are raised in sealed, hygienic, and clean conditions. Our products are tested and approved. All crickets are 100% natural and eating doesn’t upset the stomach. 100 grams of crickets have 68% protein value. Crickets are also a good source of fat and fibre for your pet.

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