Our Team

Keven Laverdure

He has experience in international trade. Having lived in Panama, he is multilingual and has business contacts all around the globe. He has been in the field of cryptocurrencies and mining since 2013. In addition, he has knowledge in the real estate sector because he has done some development project in the past. Keven has also studied & worked in HVAC. He is qualified to properly design the heat recovery system for the bitcoin machines & farming automation process.

Frédéric Blais

He has a 10-year career as a firefighter and currently serves as acting lieutenant as well as trainer for the fire department of the city of Terrebonne. He also has a 3-year background in teaching. He holds the position of Occupational Health and Safety Representative with the Firefighters Union on the North-Shore. This function allowed him to acquire important knowledge in labor law, health and safety as well as working relationship. Having completed a couple of Ironman, he knows the importance and the specific needs for athletes nutrition.

Alexandre Laverdure

A real born businessman. From his early childhood, he demonstrates excellent business skills. At age 6, with the help of his father, he makes a garden and makes a small chicken coop to sell his vegetables and eggs in the neighbourhood. At the age of 10, he started a lawn mowing business that he operated throughout his teenage years. Naturally gifted, he has the skill set to carry out various projects.

Bianka Jessica

Throughout her childhood until now, she has always focused on Human Relations, which gave her exceptional interpersonal skills and work ethic. She has developed those skills in previous work fields. She will be an excellent asset for the Compagnie by insuring and providing excellent customer service. She will be establishing new sales opportunities in an exciting environment with both inside and outside sales responsibilities. Coordinate with other departments to respond quickly to customer needs, requests and problems.

Our Partners